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RissSantoro Advertising Design specializes in non-profit direct mail and fund raising campaigns. Partnering with JCR Direct, our packages have mailed by the millions, and have raised millions for children’s charities, schools, and religious communities. That may sound like a big claim, but our results back that up.

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JCR Direct means inspired writing that moves donors to give

Our packages see great returns

Working with JCR Direct, you can expect to hit your target and make a lasting impression with your donors.

Christmas Package 20% response rate
Water Package $15,000 raised
Client Satisfaction100%

Who we are.

We bring our unique talents together to tell your story.

Kathleen Riss Santoro
founder & Art Director

I love to design

Trained at The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit, Kathleen earned her BFA and made the leap to Chicago and the big city agency scene. There she spent several years as an Art Director working on everything from product brochures to national ad campaigns. Along the way Kathleen’s work even won a few awards.

John Riss
President of JCR Direct

Master of

John began JCRDirect in 1998 to help Catholic charities develop cost-effective direct mail programs. In 2000, he took over the development efforts for his alma mater, Saint Lawrence Seminary. Together with his partner, Tom Brouillard, JCRDirect has helped faith based non-profits raise millions and increase their active donor lists.

Arnolfo Santoro
Digital Design

Graphic/Tech Support

Versatility is Arnolfo's strong suit. With over 20 years of experience in advertising he's always ready to jump in with conceptual ideas, art direction, graphic design, digital design/coding and or production when needed.


Our list of projects are rather extensive. If there's a specific kind of project you are interested in but isn't represented here, send us a note-chances are we've done it.

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Yes, we cover all your marketing needs.

Even after two decades of working closely together, RS continues to awe and astonish with fresh, innovative and imaginative art that fits the needs of multiple clients with impactful materials and great attention to detail. Their resourcefulness and creativity serves Catholic charities with elegance, style and most of all with responsive and appropriately crafted direct mail packages. 

- John Riss - JCR Direct

More than just quick turnaround times, we know we can count on Riss Santoro for a reliable source of striking design concepts for all our print and digital campaigns. Looking for stunning design without the long wait times? Look no further!

- Sebastian Vervaeck - Marketing, SLS

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